Unveiling Vietnam’s Astonishing Rare Red-Shell, Orange-Pulp Jackfruit That Amazes the Community

The video review of a jackfruit with a very special red-pink skin and intestine is currently receiving mixed opinions from netizens.

Jackfruit, with its delicious golden nuggets, has long been a favorite fruit of many people. Everyone knows that young jackfruit is green, when ripe, it turns yellow and gives off a sweet aroma. So have you ever seen a jackfruit with a red-pink skin and flesh?

Posted on YouTube from June 11, the video titled “The Strange Red Jackfruit Tree & The Unique Red Gut in Vietnam – Amazing Red Jackfruit” has now earned more than 2.4 million views. Surely, when first surfing across, everyone will click to see it because they are curious to wonder if there is a real red jackfruit in the world?

Red Jackfruit Plant – Gardengram

The clip introducing a strange red-skinned jackfruit is currently receiving a lot of attention on YouTube.

It is known that this video was recorded by a YouTuber in Cao Lanh city (Dong Thap). In a clip of more than 15 minutes, the man shared that this jackfruit was given a seed by a traveling friend from Portugal, which he then planted and achieved today’s results. He even affirmed that his home jackfruit tree is “unique” in Vietnam.

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Just pointing at the strange jackfruit, this farmer continues to “show off” this fruit for the inner zone is also red and quite large, sweeter than normal jackfruit. As if to verify his words, the man decided to take out a knife and cut a ripe fruit to invite male YouTuber to enjoy.

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As if to prove his words, the man decided to immediately pick one fruit and split it to invite the male YouTuber to try it.

After cutting the jackfruit in half, the inside of the jackfruit actually turns orange – red instead of yellow like the ones we usually see. While cutting the jackfruit, the man in the clip just said that this fruit is not as red as the one he ate last week.

Thực hư về Mít vỏ đỏ, lẽ nào lại là chiêu trò "câu view"


Try the jackfruit, the feeling of the male YouTuber is that it is sweeter and more fragrant than the real thing. Even the other farmer forced him to release the seeds so that he could bring something back to grow this rare plant.

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The male YouTuber revealed that these jackfruits are sweeter and more fragrant than the normal ones.

Many people who do not believe have left a comment “cà khà” and think that in fact the person who posted the video is just deliberately “viewing” only.

Thực hư về quả mít vỏ đỏ “độc nhất vô nhị” tại Việt Nam đang khiến cộng đồng mạng tranh cãi: Lẽ nào lại là chiêu trò “câu view”? - Ảnh 6.

A close-up of the skin of a jackfruit is thought by many to have been painted.

Find out on Google and YouTube, there is actually a pink jackfruit originating from Portugal called “Jaca cor de rosa”. In Vietnam, jackfruits with red flesh are not uncommon. However, the shell with strange colors is still causing netizens to argue about its authenticity.

Thực hư về quả mít vỏ đỏ “độc nhất vô nhị” tại Việt Nam đang khiến cộng đồng mạng tranh cãi: Lẽ nào lại là chiêu trò “câu view”? - Ảnh 5.

The clip was posted in 2017, introducing the jackfruit variety called “Jaca cor de rosa” with its characteristic pinkish-red color.

Thực hư về quả mít vỏ đỏ “độc nhất vô nhị” tại Việt Nam đang khiến cộng đồng mạng tranh cãi: Lẽ nào lại là chiêu trò “câu view”? - Ảnh 9.


Up to now, the origin and authenticity of this jackfruit variety is still a controversial topic on social networks.

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