Unique Striped Indoor Plants To Place In Your Home

You want to add something special to your living space but you don’t have any idea. Luckily for you when reading this post, here we will give you some beautiful indoor plants with unique striped leaves that you will love looking at them all time. Adding them to your home not only changes your boring space but also helps you have a chance to enjoy a green life. To know more about them, let’s spend your time checking their beauty with us!

Scrolling down, you will see that all of them are so beautiful. Each has its own beauty, of course, they also give you different feelings. So, if you are a plant lover or just change the look of the space of your home closer to nature, these striped indoor plants are perfect choices. In addition, like other houseplants, all of them are easy to grow and take care of, especially they also can grow well when you don’t have enough time for them.


#1 Calathea

#2 Spider Plant


#3 Croton

#4 Wandering Jew


#5 Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

#6 Nerve Plant


#7 Pleomele

#8 Bromeliads


#9 Ti Plant

#10 African Mask Plant

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