This Tιny Hoмe Wιll Make You Fall in Love Wιth Living Sмall

If you’re feeling close to an outdoor adventure, Fredericksburg beckons.

Experience this adventure at Das Woerner Haus, a tiny house just minutes from downtown Fredericksburg.



You will love this beautiful little house with a fanciful exterior design.

There are so many nature activities in Fredericksburg that it can take several days to attend all of them. During these days you will spend at Das Woerner Haus, you can visit the natural park, which is home to 300 bird species, hike or rock climb, bike or horseback ride on EnchanteRock. Just resting in this tiny house for a few days can be enough for you to relieve the tiredness of the city.

This tiny house was built as a one-storey cottage on a lush panoramic landscape, and the living spaces were skillfully placed in the corners of this one-story house.



The walls of this tiny house, whose floors are covered with wood, are painted white, so the interior is quite bright and spacious.


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In the section reserved as a sitting area, there are armchairs and a coffee table, as well as a fireplace to be used on cool days. You can also enjoy watching your TV here.

The kitchen of this tiny house is fully equipped. It is possible to find all kinds of equipment that can be found in a normal house here. The kitchen sink is placed on the island, which is also used as a dining table. The food preparation and cooking bench with many drawers and cabinets is also right in front of this island.



There is a very large double bed in the section reserved as a sleeping area. In this section, there is also a cabinet where you can put your belongings.

A separate bathroom was built in one corner of the tiny house, the bathroom is quite large. Inside is a cabinet with a marble countertop. In addition, the walls of the shower section, which has a shower tray in normal standards, are covered with ceramics.



There is a veranda at the front of the house. In this patio, you can enjoy the unique view while sipping your coffee in the rocking chairs.


The front garden of the tiny house is decorated with natural stones, and privacy is provided by surrounding it with a plastic screen. You will have a lot of fun watching the goats and chickens wandering around in the jacuzzi located here.

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