Phoenix Suns superstar forward Kevin Durant is just like most of us; he can’t get enough of Michael Jordan and Kyrie Irving highlights.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about highlights of a player he always “go back and watch” to get motivated, Durant simply said, “Kyrie and MJ.”

It’s not the most surprising of answers to such an inquiry. Jordan and Kyrie are two iconic NBA superstars, whose popularities transcend generations. While Jordan is now two decades removed from the last time he played in the NBA, people still can’t stop talking about the GOAT.

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Regardless of which player is one’s pick as the greatest player of all time, Jordan’s name is always a lock to be part of the conversation. Irving, on the other hand, might not be on the same tier as Jordan, but any basketball fan will tell you how rare of a talent he is. Kevin Durant certainly has a great idea of what kind of player exactly Irving is, considering the two played alongside each other during their time with the Brooklyn Nets. Their partnership did not result in an NBA title, but that talent-laden Brooklyn squad will be a discussion-starter for years to come.

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Kevin Durant is someone many other players view in the same way he does His Airness and Kyrie. When it comes to rare talent, it can’t get much rarer than what the future Hall of Famer possesses.