Stunning Container House with Waterfall, Hammock, and Jacuzzi

Absolutely Gorgeous Waterfall-Hamock-Jacuzzi Container House


We continue to discover beautiful and special tiny houses for you. Today we will introduce you to ‘Absolutely Gorgeous Waterfall-Hamock-Jacuzzi Container House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The trend towards tiny houses has turned into a social movement. People now prefer to simplify, reduce and live with less. People adopt the philosophy of tiny life and the freedom that represents the lifestyle in tiny houses.

Tiny homes can be owned or rented. Whether you can build your tiny house on a foundation or own a tiny house on wheels. Most of these houses are stand-alone structures. Some of these houses are designed and built by the owner, while others are bought.


This gorgeous container house with waterfall, hammock and jacuzzi is located in Columbus, North Carolina, United States. This house, which is one of the most comprehensive tiny houses I have seen, is rented to its guests through Airbnb.




Designed by the Schlabach brothers Landon, Heather and Reece, this house is pretty awesome. A lot of work and thought went into creating this amazing retreat built by 3 brothers. I think the result is something incredibly special.




The garden part of this house gives peace of mind. It is possible to relax with the sound of water by making a waterfall. There are two swings in the garden. One hangs at the front door, the other near the waterfall and over a shallow pool of water. I fell in love with this idea. There is a fire pit to have a good time outdoors. There is also a hammock outside the bedroom door. There is also a jacuzzi for relaxation.

Previously used as a storage container for cargo, this 40 ft shipping container has been converted into a home. Looks great with the upper deck area.







When we enter the interior of the house, a striking design welcomes us. The living room with a queen size sofa bed and TV looks very cozy. Opposite the full kitchen is a table with bar stools. The bedroom with a king size bed has a view. Looks great with bathroom interior design.




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