Modern Tiny House Design Ideas You Can Build Low Budget

Small houses usually use a small budget. For that you can apply the right design and arrangement so that the appearance of a small size does not seem small and makes the House narrow. If you are looking for inspiration for home design with a small size but still confused then you can apply this home design as your dream home. Of course, it will cost a small budget to build a small size house because of course there is not much use of excessive decoration but still looks stylish.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house uses a modern look with a combination of white and blue colors so it looks bright and charming. This white color is applied to the left side of the house that can display a greater impression. While on the right side using a charming and elegant blue color. As for the roof of this house using a sloping roof so as to prevent excessive leakage.


Terrace Design 


The facade of this house is also used as a productive porch by placing a long chair with wood material so that it can be used as a place to relax or receive guests. There is a natural wood that is arranged in a row so that it looks neat and attractive. You can also place plants placed in wooden pots that can add to your home decor.

Entrance Door with Plant Decoration

For the entrance you can decorate using plants so as to make a fresh look. You can put a snake plant in a white pot so that it is more attractive and modern. In addition, above the entrance placed plants with pots of natural wood material. An interesting combination of Colors was presented at the entrance display.
Living Room Design 
Enter the house there is a living room using a chair set with an elongated shape. Using wood material makes the look more natural. The living room is equipped with a snake plant placed on the table. The living room is also equipped with large glass windows that can maximize the lighting that enters the house.

Bedroom Mezzanine

For this small house also uses a bed with a mezzanine concept so as to maximize the function of the existing room. By using a ladder with a simple design can make a wider view because it certainly will not take up much space. The carpet in this house also uses woven material and room decoration from beautiful rattan material.

Plant Decoration 

You can use plant decorations so that it will look fresher. You can use hanging plants if you have a room with a small size so it will not take up much space. On this wall you can also place a place to hang equipment such as keys, hats, etc.

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