Kevin Durant’s charity foundation is doing work this holiday season

It’s the time of year for giving and taking care of the most vulnerable among us. The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation is doing work.

With great power, comes great responsibility. NBA stars have the ability to have their voices and values amplified to millions of fans around the world. They have the financial resources to put dollars to those values, making a difference for those less fortunate, helping improve communities across the globe and right in their own back yards.

Kudos to Kevin Durant and The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation for making the most of that power and responsibility. The video below shows Durant helping donate care packages to to families at Oakland Elizabeth House and young adults at Larkin Street Youth Services’ shelter, both of which are located in the Bay Area.

It’s not mentioned in the video but Durant’s foundation is also setting up additional grants to help support both organizations throughout the year. NBA philanthropy has become a tradition and efforts can reach a crescendo this time of year as teams and players reach out to vulnerable members of their communities with support both financial and emotional.


Basketball fans may aspire to the athletic gifts of their on-court heroes but we can all make a difference by emulating some of their more human gifts off the court as well. Empathy and charity for all who need it this season, love to you and yours.

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