“Freezing Beauty: Stunning Waves Captured by Nantucket Photographer”

Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh came across a Slurpee-filled ocean. Because of the extremely cold

temperatures that caused it to ice, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean resembled it. Every year, lakes freeze,

but freezing seas are unusual.

The photographer/surfer/ocean enthusiast set out to capture the splendor of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The partially frozen waves swirled and crashed against the coast, seemingly made of something thicker than

water.”The wind was blowing from the southwest, which normally produces difficult or choppy conditions,

not ideal for surfing,” Jonathan explains. The wind had little effect on the form because the sea’s surface

was frozen slush. They were perfect slush waves.” This strange occurrence is depicted in the images below.

They were made of an unusual, thick substance.

His “Slurpee Waves” photo series is incredible.

Temperature changes in the water and air cause the waves’ distinct appearance.

The temperature in Nantucket at the time he took these photos was 19°F.

In “Stay Wild Magazine,” he described the day he shot the images, saying, “Just been extremely chilly here.

” The mainland port is completely frozen… The beach for 200 yards out froze the day after I photographed these.”

Jonathan is “obsessed with water,” and in addition to his sea-centric photography, he is an avid surfer.

source: hasanjasim.online

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