Exploring the Cosmic Universe in the Eyes of This Feline

This feline is guaranteed to enchant you with its mystical appearance. Its eyes are a kaleidoscope of colors, concealing what appears to be a universe within them. Considering cats seem to be the center of attention these days, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Scientifically speaking, this enchanting effect is caused by sectoral heterochromia, which occurs when the iris displays two distinct colors in the same area. For those whose cat was born with these spellbinding eyes, there’s no need for concern since it doesn’t impact your cat’s vision. However, if your cat’s eyes changed from normal to heterochromatic, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. (source: lovemeow)



Credit for the image goes to raoeang.


The picture credits go to raoeang.



Credit for the image goes to raoeang.


Check out these amazing felines with eyes that come in multiple hues:


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