A Lovely 4 Bedroom Log Home With Stunning Views From This 4 Acres

This log home is located in Leavenworth Washington, United States. It has 4 bedrooms. The log cabin can sleep up to 8 people and has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. This log home, which has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, offers stunning views from its 4-acre location. The lodge is located in Plain, Washington. It can accommodate 8 guests, but it’s also cozy enough for smaller groups. Silvermoon Mountain Lodge is an exquisite log home that has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. It boasts stunning views from the property’s 4-acre land. The lodge is located in Plain Washington, just 25 minutes from Leavenworth. There are many activities available in the area, as well as on the property, to keep your family entertained throughout your vacation. Relax and enjoy the peaceful, tranquil pace of mountain life. You can also take in the views from the hot tub while taking in the stars. The lodge can comfortably accommodate 8 guests but is small enough to be intimate and cozy enough for smaller groups.

The Lodge has comfortable furnishings, a fully equipped kitchen, and plenty to enjoy quality time with friends and family. The game room has a pool table. Play cards, board or puzzle games, or play cards. The kid’s cave is a great place for kids to play. It includes books, a chalkboard and a chalkboard. The family room is a great place to visit your loved ones or just relax and watch a movie or play a game. A DVD player and a dish satellite TV with Sirius radio are also available. The log home also has wireless internet.

Silvermoon Mountain lodge features a three-level log home and wraparound porch. Two bedrooms are located on the top floor of the lodge. Each bedroom has a queen-size bed and a full-size bed, which can comfortably accommodate up to two guests. The lodge also has a guest bathroom with a shower and a large hallway with a cozy sitting area. A balcony overlooks the surrounding mountains is also available. A living room/sitting space is located on the main level. It has satellite and Sirius radio. In the middle of the log home is a wood stove.


The main bedroom features a king-size mattress and art glass. The comfortable main bath includes a bench-styled shower. The sunken kitchen and dining area are a great place to prepare and enjoy a meal. Both the kitchen and dining area have large decks, which offer a covered outdoor area for grilling or dining outside. The daylight basement has a piano, a game room and a kids’ cave. It is ideal for entertaining. This level houses the fourth bedroom. It is a cozy space with an en-suite full-sized bed. Guests have access to the laundry room as well as the half bath.

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