9 gorgeous silver houseplants to add to your collection!

These 9 gorgeous silver potted plants will look amazing in your plant collection. I’m a sucker for silver plants, and you will be too after seeing these pictures!

9 gorgeous silver houseplants to add to your collection

Hello everyone! Today I am making a compilation of 9 gorgeous silver potted plants. They’re all plants I’ve written care and propagation guides for in the past, and one day I started to notice a trend. Many of my plants are silver. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really into silver plants. I just love them. They photograph beautifully and look amazing amongst a sea of โ€‹โ€‹green plants. Here are 9 I recommend adding to your collection both for their beauty and ease of care!

1. Philodendron hastatum, aka “silver sword philodendron”

The silversword philodendron is a truly stunning plant. While it may not be the easiest plant to find, it sometimes pops up where you least expect it. Mine was $15 from a Weis grocery store in Maryland – although that is rare!

You can get the best deals on these in local plant trade groups. I often see them for sale, trade, or auction in the Maryland plant group I’m in. If you can’t find one locally, you can always check Etsy to see what they have. See my silversword philodendron care post for more!

Philodendron hastatum, aka
Philodendron hastatum, aka

2. Tillandsia air plants

You might not traditionally think of tillandsia “air plants” as silver plants, but I’ve found that many of them have an amazing shine. Many tillandsia varieties are light to medium green and have a silver coating on the leaves.

These leaves are covered in special cells called trichomes that quickly and efficiently collect moisture and other nutrients needed for survival from the air and things around them. Gorgeous, low-maintenance plants, for sure. Check out my complete guide to air plant care for more information on this cool plant and caring for different varieties.

Tillandsia air plant
Tillandsia air plant
wonderful large Tillandsia air plant

3. Peperomia argyreia ‘watermelon’

Peperomia argyreia, aka “watermelon peperomia,” is the first of two peperomia plants in this compilation! And it’s one of my favorite silver potted plants. Peperomias are sweet plants that stay relatively compact. But I would say that in my experience watermelon peperomias grow a bit larger than some of the other varieties.

The leaves are deep green with striking silver broiling on them that makes the leaves look a lot like watermelon rinds. The leaves themselves are thick and glossy, which only enhances the drama of the silver. Check out my watermelon peperomia care guide for more – and then learn how to propagate peperomia plants from cuttings!

Peperomia argyreia
Peperomia argyreia

4. Tradescantia zebrina ‘wandering dude’

Tradescantia zebrina has long been a houseplant staple because it is easy to care for, looks great in hanging baskets inside or outside, and is gorgeous. The deep purple leaves have beautiful bright silver markings on them.

These plants are also ridiculously easy to propagate and grow as weeds. I love hanging a basket outline in bright indirect light. The humidity in Maryland helps this plant reach its full potential. But beware – too much bright direct light will fade the silver markings. Learn how to care for and propagate the tradnescantia zebrina plant.

tradescantia zebrina plant
tradescantia zebrina plant
tradescantia zebrina plant

5. Scindapsus pictus aka “silver satin pothos”

Although you may hear this amazing plant called “silver satin pothos”, it is not actually a pothos plant. However, it is closely related to pothos plants, which explains the similar leaf shape. Scindapsus plants are a bit beefier, though. Often with thicker stems and leaves.

Scindapsus pictus has some gorgeous varieties to choose from, all with similar silver markings. My favorite is scindapsus pictus exotica, which is fairly easy to find in local nurseries. It’s going beautifully.

Other varieties include scindapsus pictus argyraeus, scindapsus pictus silvery anne, sincapdusis pictus silver splash and scindapsus pictus silver lady. I don’t have all of these. Argyraeus and silvery anne are quite easy to find, while silversplash and silver lady are much harder! Learn how to care for a propagation of different scindapsus pictus varieties!

large gorgeous scindapsus pictus exotica plant
large gorgeous scindapsus pictus exotica plant
beautiful scindapsus pictus exotica leaves

6. Scindapsus treubii moonlight ‘sterling silver’

No roundup of silver houseplants would be complete without the recently famous moonshine. Scindapsus treubii moonlight is another variety of scindapsus you’ll definitely want to add to your silver plant collection. This is a really trendy plant right now as Costa Farms included it as one of their 2021 Trending Tropical Plants.

I have two of these plants – one in a pot and one in a hanging basket. I’m obsessed with both. This really has to be my favorite plant right now. Unlike scindapsus pictus silver varieties which have silver variegation, scindapsus treubii moonlight plants are a muted green with a silver sheen throughout. Totally amazing.

Check out my scindapsus treubii moonlight care guide, then check out a separate post I have all about how to root scindapsus treubii moonlight in sphagnum moss (this post included tips on rooting scindapsus treubii dark form too).

Scindapsus treubii sterling silver plant in moonlight
Scindapsus treubii plants in moonlight in sterling silver

7. Ceropegia woodii, aka “heart ribbon”

Ceropegia woodii, aka “string of hearts,” is another fun plant to add to your silver collection. The plain ol’ kind of string of hearts is what I have. When it’s really happy and healthy, the variegation of the leaves is a striking veined silver.

If you’re feeling a little splurge, you can also drop a few more bucks to get a harder to find “silver glory” variety of heart rings. This has more silver than green, and some leaves are almost entirely silver. Whichever you choose, be sure to check out my String of Heart Care and Propagation Guide for more!

Ceropegia woodii
Ceropegia woodii
Ceropegia woodii

8. Peperomia caperata silver ‘frost’

The second peperomia on the list – and this one is also a great one. It is slightly smaller than watermelon peperomia and remains quite small. Perfect for a desk or shelf with strong indirect light.

The ‘frost’ variety of peperomia caperata has the same corrugated leaf texture as the other more common ’emerald’ variety. But the “frost” variety has very light green – almost bone white – shimmering leaves. Absolutely fantastic little plant! Check out my complete guide to peperomia plant care for more.

Peperomia caperata frost plant
Peperomia caperata frost leaf

9. Philodendron brandtianum “silver leaf”

Philodendron brandtianum, aka “philodendron brandi” or “silver leaf philodendron,” is a gorgeous philodendron with medium green leaves covered in bright silver markings. However, the plant is not the easiest to find.

Much like silversword philodendron, local nurseries, local online plant groups, and Etsy are probably your best bet for this plant. I’ve never seen them pop up in big box or grocery stores, but that’s not to say they won’t one day!

This plant is also a lovely climber. Give it a nice stake or post for support, and your philodendron brandi will be a real anchor plant in any display. Check out my complete philodendron brandtianum care and propagation guide for more!

Philodendron brandtianum
Philodendron brandtianum