36 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design

Find the best Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design to create interesting patterns, boosting the curb appeal of your place!

Whether you are looking for inexpensive DIY help or something luxe for your manicured front lawn or intricate design, these Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design will help you add style to your space.

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design

1. Brick Paving Down

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design

This is a classic idea to create a bricked pathway for you to choose from. You can add more style if you can experiment with different materials.

2. White Brick Pathway

There are no natural white bricks, so you need to paint them. In the picture, white bricks are arranged to make this exquisite garden path.


3. Red Brick Pathway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 2

These warm-colored bricks are arranged in different orders, styling the walkway beautifully and complimenting the color of the wall.

4. Asphalt Paving in the Lawn                                             

Bricks come in various colors, types, sizes, and surfaces. You can select whatever type you find appropriate for your garden and use it accordingly.

5. Rustic Brick Pathway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 6

This pathway gives a rustic look to the garden. Generally, brick paths are compact and low maintenance; they don’t need much care.

6. Narrow Walkway of Clinker Bricks

upcycled pathway

The design of this garden path is easy to imitate as these clinker bricks are arranged in similar patterns and order.

7. Red Brick Pathway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 8

All the bricks are glued in a zig-zag pattern with the brick edgings, which border the plants.

8. Zig-Zag Arrangements of Bricks


A zig-zag arrangement of bricks will add an attractive texture to your lush green lawn.

9. Red Brick Pedestrian

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 22

Pave your garden with red bricks to add a colorful touch to your otherwise bland lawn.

10. Curved Brickway


Curved pathways add dimensions, making the gardens look bigger than they actually are!


11. Outdoor Gardenway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 55

Masonry walkways look fantastic, along with lush plants, and will add dimensions to your yard.

12. Burnt Clay Walkway with White Edging


Complement your burnt clay walkway with white brick edging to add an attractive contrast.

13. Red Brick Walkway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 65

Upgrade the aesthetics of your yard with red brick pavements on the walkway.


14. Sand Lime Brick Walkway


Add a rustic touch to your garden by paving the walkway with sand lime bricks and squared topiaries.

15. Red Brick Walkway

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 76

Compliment the lush landscapes with a curved red brick walkway.

16. Cement Brick Pathway


A cemented pathway looks pretty classy in formal landscaping.


17. Brick Paver Front Porch

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 19

Any interesting front porch paver style can cover a dull concrete slab instantly, adding to the home’s curb appeal.

18. Paver Driveway by the Gravel Bed

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 63

You can choose this gravel driveway design to beautify your lawn. It is also going to cost you lesser than asphalt or paved driveway.


19. Brick Steps and Patio Walkway

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 10

Choose this contemporary design with traditional elements for your front porch or patio. It cuts across the lawn smoothly.

20. Landscaping with Hydrangeas, Topiaries, and a Lush Lawn

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 81

This simple yet elegant-looking brick pathway design can look attractive with contrasting topiaries, hydrangeas, and a lush green lawn.

21. Interlocked Bricks

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 11

This interlocking brick design needs less maintenance and is strong and long-lasting. Also, if you change your mind later, removing them is easier, too.

22. Cobblestone Walkway in an Urban Landscape

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 82

Cobblestones can usually be set in sand or something similar and are bound with mortar. You can use this pathway for parking and as a driveway, too.

23. Burnt Clay Brick Paving in the Garden

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 12


A burnt clay brickway forms the anchor of this formal garden. It is an interesting feature that connects the lawn, driveway, and patio.

24. Brick Walkway Amidst Lava Chip Bed

Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 89

A brick walkway amidst a lava chip bed or red soil bed can look interesting in urban landscapes.

25. Cottage Patio Landscaping with Red Brickway

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 13

This designer patio landscaping idea can make you feel like curling up on a lounge chair in your backyard for endless hours.

26. Flagstone Paving Along Begonia Bushes

Choose different kinds of sedimentary or metamorphic rocks to build this flagstone paving. The best part about going for this design is that the rocks can be broken into smaller, flat segments.


27. Charcoal Brick Landscaping

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 14

Add extra retaining strength by using these charcoal bricks instead of the usual ones.

28. Masonry Stone Patio Paving


Nothing can beat masonry stone when it comes to natural-looking pathways for your garden or patio.


29. Burnt Clay Driveway Down the Garden

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 15

Burnt clay bricks are not as strong as concrete pavers or natural cobblestones. However, they make for an attractive driveway.

30. Mediterranean Garden Landscape with Rustic Brickway


Add to your garden’s Mediterranean charms by installing a rustic brickway. Use natural red bricks and arrange them in the pattern shown in the photo above or of your choice.

31. Brick Walkway Along the Green Yard

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 16

Lay red bricks in a row to make this tidy brick walkway along your yard.


32. Burnt Clay Walkway Down the Jungle

Opt for this burnt clay brickway to walk around the jungle. It prevents any rust and dirt build-up as well.

33. Beautiful Pathway in a Blooming Garden

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 17

If you have a colorful garden and open spaces like this, you can use red bricks with a smooth finish to make a stunning pathway.


 34. Classic Landscaping with Red Brick Pavement

Such a classic red brick pavement design with neatly stacked plants along the way can spark curiosity in mind about what lies around the corner.

35. Spiral Brickway Bordered by Black Eye Susan and Coneflowers

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 18

Who says a walkway has to be composed straight or perfectly symmetrical? With varying sizes of the brick and subtle curves, it becomes visually very appealing.

36. Blooming Groundcovers with Natural Stone Paving

38 Beautiful Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design 19

A straight is not always the perfect route. On this lush green lawn and contrasting flowers, natural stone paving makes the beautiful stroll just a bit longer.

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