22 Amazing Poolside Gardens For Refresh Your Outdoor




Having a private swimming pool can be likened to an outdoor oasis, a place where you can swim, relax or just hang out with your family. For those of you who are lucky, the swimming pool can also be part of the landscape with an aesthetic appearance. Apart from designing a pool with a certain design, adding a poolside garden has proven to be effective in beautifying your swimming pool. The presence of many outdoor plants not only enhances the decoration, but creates a swimming pool design that is both shady and refreshing.

The right combination of garden and swimming pool designs will make anyone feel at home by the pool. From hedges to stylish additions to your tropical swimming pool, there are many creative ways to use a poolside garden to provide shade and comfort to your owners. Here are some pool garden inspirations that you’re sure to love!


Pool garden ideas to refresh your outdoors

Before we start adding garden designs to the poolside, consider some of the most basic things like the size and purpose of the pool. That way, the end result will also be satisfying. For reference, here are some of our favorite garden swimming pool ideas.

Swimming pool with natural stone material

The material of a swimming pool can be an important part that supports your comfort and that of your family. As an alternative to swimming pools using natural stone material gives a cool impression, as well as adding a natural atmosphere outdoors. You can put natural stone on the pool wall or be part of a swimming pool design. Another idea, make a shower from natural stone that blends with the garden area so that it gives you a comfortable place to relax.


Vertical pool garden

A small swimming pool is a challenge in itself when you want to add a garden. The solution, take advantage of the area on the poolside fence or wall to create a vertical garden. The existence of a vertical garden will not take up much space in your swimming pool, apart from the natural feel you can get. In this case, you only need to choose the type of decorative vines to place on one of the pool walls or fences.


Natural swimming pool

The concept of a swimming pool with natural nuances is very popular in recent years. Present a green feel with thick trees, both large, medium, small trees, or even vines. For a modern look, you can place potted plants on several sides of the pond and plant medium-sized trees. Don’t forget the pool chairs that bring holiday vibes to your pool. To make the natural atmosphere more pronounced, use tall trees to give the impression of being shady by the pool. If you like swimming pools with a holiday atmosphere, adding some types of tropical plants will make your pool feel more relaxed. While on the pool floor you can choose a wooden deck or use short grass to fill the poolside area.


Poolside garden furniture and décor

Garden pools make many homeowners feel happy. The cool and fresh impression that is presented is a special attraction because you will feel closer to nature. After you have finished arranging the garden pool design, there are still some decorative elements that need to be added. Some outdoor furniture to pool chairs will make your relaxing time much more enjoyable. You can sunbathe or enjoy a cool drink by the pool with the right choice of furniture. If possible, also add a gazebo on one side of the pool. Gazebo design with wood material will add to the more comfortable atmosphere. You can do any activity in this area, like eating with your family, relaxing, or even taking a nap by the pool. Enjoy!


















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