21 mejores variedades de árboles de arce para contenedores

¡Estas hermosas variedades de árboles de arce para contenedores pueden crear un punto focal en tu jardín con sus impresionantes hojas!

1. Arce japonés mariposa

Estas variedades de árboles de arce para contenedores pueden ser una hermosa adición a cualquier espacio. Sus hojas abigarradas dan a cualquier zona exterior un elemento de clase.

2. Arce japonés resplandeciente

Fiel a su nombre, Fireglow cautiva con sus llamativas hojas rojas de primavera. A medida que avanza el verano, las hojas se vuelven de un intenso color rojo púrpura, lo que lo convierte en un espectáculo llamativo.

3. Arce japonés Bihou

Estas variedades de árboles de arce para contenedores tienen un follaje verde o verde amarillento que se vuelve amarillo rojizo en el otoño. Este arce se adapta excepcionalmente bien a las heladas.

4. Arce siempre otoñal

Every autumn, a hybrid maple with orange-green foliage eventually turns mesmerizing orange-yellow before shedding.

5. Ryusen Japanese Maple

Every autumn, a hybrid maple has stunning orange-yellow leaves that shed before gradually changing to orange-green.

6. Orangeola Japanese Maple

In the spring, the leaves of these Maple Tree Varieties for Containers emerge in vivid orange-red color, changing to red-green by midsummer.

7. Green Cascade Japanese Maple

Green Cascade’s striking leaf shape cascades downward to form a distinctive mound. Fall foliage changes into blazing bright green hue, making for a fantastic sight.

8. Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

These Maple Tree Varieties for Containers have brilliant crimson foliage that progressively deepens into burgundy.

9. Mikawa Yatsubusa Japanese Maple

The thick crown of Mikawa Yatsubusa, which grows slowly, gets covered in a profusion of bright green leaves. The foliage’s brilliant hues in the fall turn a beautiful bright orange.

10. Jordan Full Moon Maple

These Maple Tree Varieties for Containers are popular for their springtime lime-yellow leaves. Those in Zone 5 can bring it indoors during the winter.

11. Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple


It has an exquisite burgundy leaf color that retains its vibrant hue throughout the season. The plant needs a few hours of direct sunshine each day for the best color.

12. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

The strikingly red leaves of Bloodgood make a statement. With proper care, these Maple Tree Varieties for Containers thrives with allure all the time!

13. Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Coral Bark’s unique charm lies in its vibrant coral-colored branches contrasting with green leaves. As autumn arrives, its foliage turns a warm golden yellow.

14. Beni Maiko Japanese Maple

The name Beni Maiko, Japanese for “Red Haired Dancing Girl,” is given to the plant’s vivid red foliage. The leaves’ pink, cream, and green combination creates an eye-catching visual.

15. Red Dragon Japanese Maple

These Maple Tree Varieties for Containers have deep red, finely dissected leaves that hold their color throughout the season. Its compact size and cascading form make it an excellent choice for pots.

16. Shaina Japanese Maple

Shaina features compact, dense growth and brilliant crimson foliage that stays that way all season. Its manageable size makes it ideal for containers and confined areas.

17. Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

Tamukeyama is famous for its green, deep purple-red foliage that lasts all season. Its small size and cascading growth pattern make container gardening a good fit.

18. Emperor I Japanese Maple

Emperor I boasts bright green leaves that transition to red in fall. The compact size and vibrant foliage of these Maple Tree Varieties for Containers make them an excellent choice for small spaces.

19. Waterfall Japanese Maple

The waterfall’s cascading branches and finely dissected leaves evoke tranquility. Its graceful form and vibrant green color enhance container displays.

20. Geisha Gone Wild Japanese Maple

With its variegated leaves, Geisha Gone Wild draws attention. A center purple core gracefully melds with vibrant pink or bright red margins.

21. Red Select Weeping Japanese Maple

Red Select es un poco de arce llorón que tiene hojas muy recortadas. Estas variedades de arce para contenedores tienen una excelente resistencia al calor y al frío.


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