20+ Stᴜnning AgƖɑonema Vaɾieties

Finest Aglaonema Varieties

1. Chinese language Evergreen

Best Aglaonema Varieties


This stunning specimen, with white striped inexperienced leaves and pale inexperienced stems, can also be ranked as one of many prime air-cleaning crops within the well-known NASA checklist.

2. Burmese Evergreen


An excellent selection for low-light areas like places of work and houses, this selection stays lush even within the minimalistic solar.

3. Crimson Peacock

Best Aglaonema Varieties 2


Its inexperienced leaves are designed with pink veins and streaks, which makes for an alluring houseplant. Hold it in brilliant mild for optimum development and the most effective show of its colours.

4. Cutlass


Blade-like streaked inexperienced and creamy-white foliage with darkish inexperienced central veins of this plant can convey a vibrant look in each indoors and landscapes!

5. Emerald Bay

Best Aglaonema Varieties 3


Emerald Bay contains a unbelievable mix of darkish inexperienced edges with a silver-gray middle. It’s extra tolerant of low-light circumstances than different variegated varieties.

6. Harlequin

Picture Supply – ManilaPlantDepot

Harlequin adjustments its look in response to mild. It stays inexperienced with yellow splotches and pink veins within the shade, whereas mild makes the leaves take a uniform yellow tint with pink hues.

7. Silver Queen

Best Aglaonema Varieties 4


The silver-green variegated leaves are lance-shaped that look gorgeous on quick stems. The perfect a part of the plant is–it continues to look beautiful regardless of the adjustments in mild.

8. Silver King


‘Silver King’ has darkish inexperienced leaves with silver beaming from the prime vein of the leaf. It survives in dim-lit areas, rooms with oblique mild, hallways, and places of work.

9. Maria Christina

Best Aglaonema Varieties 6


It seems fairly much like Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen,’ albeit with barely smaller and dense foliage development. Additionally, it’s extra cold-tolerant too!

10. Maria


Native to the Philippines, additionally it is well-liked as Emerald Magnificence. This slow-growing selection has deep and lightweight inexperienced patterned foliage and can also be very straightforward to look after and preserve.

11. Anyanmanee


In the event you love your houseplants with noticed leaves, then this may win your coronary heart with its dusty pink spots on darkish inexperienced large leaves!

12. Georgi’s Ruby

Best Aglaonema Varieties 11


An award-winning plant, the plant has a mixture of darkish and lightweight inexperienced foliage, variegated with chartreuse and darkish pink hues.

13. BJ Freeman

Best Aglaonema Varieties 8

Picture Supply-garden.org

The plant options giant leaves with grey, inexperienced, and white markings. It’s a reliable specimen in terms of low upkeep and lighting necessities.

14. Black Lance


‘Black Lance’ is a tall, upright selection that shows lengthy and slender, deep inexperienced leaves with a broad strip of a silver-green streak in the course of the foliage.

15. Good

Best Aglaonema Varieties 9


Identical to the identify, the leaves are brilliantly mottled with cream-white midrib and creamy-gray splotches on a darkish inexperienced floor. It additionally purifies the air and is taken into account to convey good luck.

16. Cory

Best Aglaonema Varieties 9

Picture Supply-mashrita

This aglaonema selection produces charming leaves patterned with silver-green feathery stripes on white or cream-colored stems. It additionally has good tolerance to chilly.

17. Deborah

Best Aglaonema Varieties 10


Deborah’s foliage has darkish inexperienced edges and an identical gray-green middle with veins. This low-maintenance selection is good for somebody who’s acquired black thumbs.

18. Emerald Star


Emerald Sta has a vigorous development charge and options dense multicolored foliage with a mixture of darkish and lightweight inexperienced spots. It additionally handles chilly very properly.

19. Crimson Gold

Best Aglaonema Varieties 11


This cultivar reveals off its finest colours when stored in daylight, however afternoon shade is a should. The leaves have a mixture of inexperienced, gold, and cream, with borders lined with an distinctive shade of crimson.

20. Siam Aurora


This stunning Aglaonema selection is a much less frequent cultivar with daring pink edges on inexperienced leaves. It grows upright and tolerates low mild circumstances and in addition rounds up as a fortunate plant, in response to Feng Shui.

21. Pictum Tricolor

Best Aglaonema Varieties 76

Picture Credit score: Greenfloristore

This plant is especially present in Nias and Sumatra Islands. It’s a slow-growing sub-tropical plant that has shiny leaves with astonishing colours!

22. Tigress


The lengthy foliage makes for a bushy indoor plant, and the olive-green-colored leaves with green-white stripes are from the place the plant derives its identify.

23. Needs

Best Aglaonema Varieties 78

Picture Credit score: Vegetation and Buddy

This selection stands out due to its foliage. With shades of pink to red-colored leaves, this cultivar makes for a superb houseplant. It is without doubt one of the Finest Aglaonema Varieties!

24. Chocolate


This darkish green-colored plant has mild pink to red-colored veins that want little or no or no upkeep. Chocolate is without doubt one of the darker Aglaonema varieties.

25. Woman Valentine


Whereas a lot of the varieties are present in shades of inexperienced, the ‘Woman Valentine’ comes within the shade of pink. The care is much like its inexperienced counterparts, with minimal variations.

26. Favonian


The Chinese language evergreen selection is one other easy-to-care-for plant. It seems gorgeous, with pink splashed leaves having a inexperienced edge.

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