20+ Pretty Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves

1. Anthurium


Botanical Title: Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium showcases waxy, heart-shaped, vibrant crimson spathes over contrasting deep inexperienced leaves. You’ll be able to develop anthurium in water as properly.

2. Poinsettia


Botanical Title: Euphorbia pulcherrima

‘Astro Crimson,’ ‘Basic Crimson,’ ‘Winter Rose,’ ‘Ferrera,’ ‘Status Crimson,’ ‘Winter Rose Crimson,’ ‘Leona Crimson,’ and ‘Hera Crimson’ are nice poinsettia varieties that provide crimson and inexperienced leaves .

3.Crimson Coronary heart Philodendron

Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves 2


Botanical Title: Philodendron ‘Crimson Coronary heart’

This hybrid selection options shiny heart-shaped deep inexperienced leaves with crimson heart and edges. The plant does greatest in barely humid situations.

4. Salsa Rex Begonia


Botanical Title: Begonia Rex ‘Salsa’

The dark-green variegated leaves have red-burgundy hues and splashes of pink shade with a contact of silver highlights.

5.Lipstick Echeveria


Botanical TitleEcheveria agavoides

This lovely succulent types a rosette of sharp, plumped, vibrant inexperienced leaves with charming crimson suggestions. Hold it in vibrant solar for extra crimson colour!

6.Crimson Gold Aglaonema


Botanical Title: Aglaonema ‘Crimson Gold’ Thai Hybrid

This hybrid selection has slender leaves with splashes of crimson that contrasts very well with golden yellow and deep inexperienced variegation.

7.Crimson Pagoda


Botanical Title: Crassula capitella

This branching succulent provides fleshy yellow-green leaves adorned with vibrant crimson suggestions. The colour will get intense in winter in response to chill nights and vibrant solar.

8. Paddle Plant


Botanical Title: Kalanchoe luciae

Also referred to as flapjack on account of its spherical inexperienced leaves which can be marked with crimson shades on the plant’s exterior. Hold it in vibrant solar for an intense crimson hue.

9. Jelly Bean Plant

Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves 5


Botanical Title: Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

This hanging plant types spherical, fleshy leaves in pink to crimson tones with a mixture of inexperienced. Like all succulents, the plant loves solar publicity.

10. Crosby’s Prolific


Botanical Title: Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’

Yet one more lovely succulent with red-green leaves, it types a rosette of deep inexperienced foliage with toothed and speckled pores and skin. You can also make it crimson by conserving it underneath full solar.

11. Angel Wings

Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves 6


Botanical Title: Caladium ‘Crimson Flash’

This caladium selection provides massive, vibrant, olive-green, heart-shaped leaves with crimson veins and pink spots. It is among the most hanging vegetation on this record!

12. Crimson Veined Nerve Plant


Botanical Title: Fittonia verschaffeltii

The darkish inexperienced leaves of this selection have deep, outstanding crimson veins. For the most effective colour mixture, hold the plant underneath direct gentle.

13.Crimson-Edge Peperomia


Botanical Title: Peperomia clusiifolia

This easy-to-grow selection has spoon-shaped darkish inexperienced shiny leaves adorned in crimson edges. It appears nice in hanging baskets and pots.

14. Croton


Botanical Title: Codiaeum variegatum

Varieties like Mammy and Bush on Fireplace current a wealthy exhibition of crimson and inexperienced hues on the leaves. Verify extra lovely forms of crotons right here.

15. Polka Dot Plant

Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves 8

Botanical Title: Hypoestes phyllostachya

If you’re in search of a red-green fusion on leaves, then the polka dot plant is a wonderful selection. The charming leaves have crimson splotches that look spectacular in contrasting pots.

16. Tremendous Nice Rainbow Coleus


Botanical Title: Coleus ‘Superfine Rainbow Colours Satisfaction’

The attractive massive leaves have inexperienced margins, speckled in bronze or pink-red hue. Take a look at extra coleus varieties right here.

17. Columbian Peperomia

Houseplants with Red and Green Leaves 9


Botanical Title: There may be Peperomia Metallica. colombiana

The darkish inexperienced to black leaves have burgundy to crimson undersides. It’s a nice plant that matches properly with the others on this record.

18. Peperomia Perciliata


Botanical Title: Peperomia Perciliata

This peperomia selection exhibits off small heart-shaped leaves in inexperienced and crimson hue on contrasting crimson stems. Its trailing behavior makes it good for hanging baskets.

19.Crimson-Edged Dracaena


Botanical Title: Dracaena Marginata ‘Crimson-Edge’

The attractive strap-like inexperienced leaves have crimson edges, which utterly take over the foliage when grown in direct daylight.

20. Crimson Air Plant


Botanical Title: Tillandsia abdita

This colourful selection types a symmetrical rosette of leaves with crimson and inexperienced hues, and purple flowers look nice in any type of decor.

21. Chinese language Evergreen


Botanical Title: Aglaonema commutatum

The attractive mixture of emerald-green leaves with hints of pink-red tones makes it some of the colourful vegetation you’ll be able to develop in low-light.

22. Crimson Fountain Cordyline


Botanical Title: Cordyline ‘Crimson Fountain’

The lengthy and slender leaves of the Crimson fountain have a stunning mixture of crimson, inexperienced, and yellow. Hold it in vibrant gentle and watch the complete leaves flip pink-red!

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