15+Best Types of Alocasia You can Grow

Finest Kinds of Alocasias

1. Amazonica


Some of the widespread and unique houseplants, the Amazonica is a cross between Alocasia longiloba and Alocasia sanderiana and appears merely fabulous!

2. Micholitziana Frydek


Generally referred to as Alocasia Inexperienced Velvet, it resembles Alocasia Polly in form, colour, and dimension. It shows velvety, deep-green leaves with outstanding white veins on the leaves.

3. Zebrina

Zebrina exhibits off a protect or arrow-shaped foliage, nevertheless it doesn’t have white veins. It options stilt-like stalks patterned in black and yellow zebra print markings.

4. Dragon Scale


‘Dragon Scale’ appears to be like reverse from the favored A. Polly and has gentle inexperienced or silver-green leaves patterned in darkish inexperienced major and secondary veins that appear to be massive scales.

5. Macrorrhiza Stringray

This stunning selection has inexperienced leaves in a singular ‘tail’ mixed with the ‘wings’ resemble a stingray. It may develop as much as 4-6 ft tall.

6. Melo

Also referred to as Alocasia rugosa, it gives distinctive massive thick inexperienced leaves with a tough texture and outstanding deep veins. The plant stays stubby and is nice for small pots.

7. Black Velvet

‘Black Velvet’ options heart-shaped deep black leaves with a velvety texture marked in silver-white veins. It’s a nice espresso desk plant.

8. Ivory Coast


This fast-growing selection has upright progress, arrow-shaped massive inexperienced leaves accented in gentle inexperienced silver veins.

9. Hooded Dwarf


Also referred to as buddha’s hand, it options gorgeous shiny inexperienced heart-shaped leaves with outstanding shiny stems. It appears to be like nice with different darkish varieties on this record.

10. Portodora


This selection flaunts ruffled arrow-shaped inexperienced foliage on robust purple stems. It has an arrow-shaped base and stands upright, pointing in an upward course.

11. Triangularis


The triangular-shaped leaves of this plant have ruffled edges. It’s fairly straightforward to develop and may obtain a peak of 2-4 ft.

12. Sanderiana


Also referred to as the kris plant, it has shiny, upright, V-shaped, deeply lobed foliage with wavy edges and huge silver-white veins. Alocasia amazonica is a hybrid selection and virtually appears to be like the identical as this plant.

13. Wentii


Generally referred to as ‘Hardy Elephant Ears,’ this houseplant options shiny green-purple foliage. It may develop as much as 2-4 ft tall.

14. Morocco


Native to Southeast Asia, it displays deep inexperienced leaves with distinctive slender suggestions and outstanding white veins. It’s a nice tabletop plant!

15. Mayan Masks


‘Mayan Masks’ boasts gorgeous, arrow-shaped, grassy-green foliage that unfolds upward in a fabulous whorl, exposing chocolaty undersides.

16. Purple Sword

not being inventive

‘Purple Sword’ has lengthy, slender shiny inexperienced foliage within the distinct form of a sword, marked in coppery undersides with purple hues.

17. Silver Dragon


‘Silver Dragon’ has a fantastic coloration, like a dragon scale, and options gentle leaves with darkish veins. The oval-shaped extremely textured leaves in pale silver-blue major and secondary veins in deep inexperienced to sage-blue shade.

18. Purple Secret


‘Purple Secret’ stands out fantastically from different varieties on this record with signature crimson/pink hues on the leaves. The oval-shaped, opalescent leaves have copper-green and pink sheen.

19. Big Taro


‘Big Taro’ has a tall progress behavior and large foliage with arrow-shaped shiny lime inexperienced leaves that may develop as much as 2-3 ft in size.

20. Hilo Magnificence


The big, heart-shaped leaves of the plant have stunning variegation in a light-weight inexperienced hue in a camouflaged sample. It does greatest in shiny dappled gentle.

21. Macrorrhiza Variegata


The shiny leaves of this plant are marbled with tones of sunshine inexperienced and white blotches. It is among the most spectacular houseplants you possibly can develop!

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