10+ Best Laɾge Foliɑge Houseplants

Need to enhance your inside with out splurging some huge cash? Plant these 13 Indoor Crops with Massive Leaves in your house now!

If you wish to enhance your inside with out splurging some huge cash, develop these giant foliage houseplants. The look of beautiful large leaves may be new focal factors. Additionally, a tall indoor plant with large leaves and might make a small room look greater by drawing eyes vertically and creating an phantasm of an enlarged inside.

1. Large Fowl of Paradise

Picture Credit score: Disney Journey Babble

Fowl of paradise can provide a unprecedented look to your lounge with its large banana-like foliage and glorious 5 to six ft peak. On prime of that, it’ll additionally greet you with its distinctive bird-like flowers. Place this tropical plant in a location with shiny oblique daylight.

A Tip: Publicity to a number of hours of direct daylight is good for its progress.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)


Fiddle leaf fig is a tall indoor plant with large leaves. It’s a favourite of inside designers resulting from its giant, shiny foliage and 6-feet common indoor peak. It thrives nicely in each all-day-long oblique daylight or half solar positions. Try our article to learn to develop it.

3. Philodendron


In terms of giant foliage indoor vegetation, you possibly can’t miss philodendrons. A number of the finest varieties for this goal are split-leaf philodendron, tree philodendron, elephant ear philodendron, and red-leaf philodendron. All of them can develop nicely in oblique mild.

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4. Elephant Ear

In the event you ever watched the well-known sitcom “Two and a Half Man,” you could have observed an elephant ear rising in the lounge of Charlie Harper’s Malibu Seashore Home? How about having one like that in your house? Elephant ears are straightforward to develop and accessible in many sorts.

A Tip: Alocasia amazonica and Colocasia esculenta are two good decisions.

5. Paper Plant (Fatsia Japonica)


The paper plant seems prefer it’s coming straight out of the tropical jungle resulting from its magnificent foliage. It’s also generally known as a false castor plant due to its resemblance to the castor plant. Since fatsia thrives nicely within the shade, you possibly can develop it in shiny oblique mild.

6. Caladium


Caladiums are interesting houseplants resulting from their giant and variegated foliage with wonderful coloration mixtures like pink, crimson, white, and inexperienced. As caladiums can tolerate full shade simply, preserve them in an indoor spot that receives filtered or oblique daylight.

A Tip: Caladiums are perfect for floral preparations. Trim caladium leaves and place them in a glass vase crammed with water. They’ll not fade for a very long time.

7. Hosta


If hostas look so elegant with giant, waxy leaves of lime inexperienced to blue-green colours in backyard beds, think about having them indoors? It’s doable! Place your hosta houseplants in a well-lit place that receives a minimal of 2-3 hours of direct daylight and water nicely to maintain the soil barely moist.

8. Swiss Cheese Plant


Including one giant monstera delisiosa plant can create an enormous constructive affect in your room like no different object. It’s recognized for its large perforated leaves and infrequently confused with the split-leaf philodendron (Philodendron selloum & Philodendron bipinnatifidum).

A Tip: Select a heat and shiny indoor location that receives oblique daylight and water reasonably.

9. Rex Begonia

This small houseplant has intriguing foliage like no different indoor plant and appears spectacular on tabletops and cabinets. To develop, keep away from overwatering, however preserve the soil barely moist. Although it likes humidity, keep away from misting the foliage.

10. Dumb Cane


Dieffenbachia has broad, upright foliage with a mixture of inexperienced, white, and yellow coloration. This lovely low upkeep plant is nice for bedrooms, passages, and workplaces. It may be as much as 5 ft tall in oblique mild and desires water solely when the topsoil is dry.

11. Calathea orbifolia

Calathea orbifolia just isn’t as common because the houseplants above, nevertheless it absolutely deserves to be on this listing of tall indoor vegetation with large leaves. Its oval foliage is as giant fiddle leaf fig and has lovely stripes of silver and inexperienced coloration. It thrives nicely in day-long oblique daylight and heat temperatures.

12. Leopard Plant

Picture Credit score: Miss Marty Crops

Farfugium japonicum is prized for its thick and massive shiny pelargonium-shaped leaves that may be 15 inches giant and daisy-like yellow flowers that seem in fall and winter. This low rising shade backyard plant is usually a nice houseplant too if you happen to’ll preserve it in a heat spot that receives 2-3 hours of morning daylight.

13. Ruffled Fan Palm

In the event you’re searching for a tall indoor plant with large leaves, go for the ruffled fan palm (Licuala grandis). It has large fan-shaped leaves and rising it’s not so troublesome, if you happen to’re able to preserve a much bigger pot in your house and have a big window that receives shiny daylight.

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