These 13 Indooɾ PƖɑnts’ Leaves aɾe Bigger TҺan Yoᴜɾ Heɑd!

Crops’ Leaves which are Larger Than Your Head

1. Spherical-Leaf Calathea

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head


botanical identify: Calathea orbifolia

The big orb-shaped, actually huge, leathery foliage with creamy light-green stripes of this calathea look greater than the pinnacle. It prefers humid situations and well-draining soil.

2. Hawaiian Pothos

botanical identify: Epipremnum aureum ‘Hawaiian’

The variegated leaves of Hawaiian and golden pothos might be very massive! These cultivars favor a few hours of direct daylight and brilliant shade your complete day.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head 2


botanical identify: Ficus lyrata

This tall indoor plant with ruffled big inexperienced leaves grows as much as 5-7 toes tall indoors. It does effectively in each all-day lengthy partial solar or oblique daylight positions.

4. Philodendron


botanical identify: Philodendron

This stunning houseplant with giant velvety inexperienced leaves with white veins offers a larger-than-life look to any decor. Develop Philodendron gloriosum for big leaves!

5. Variegated Alocasia

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head 8

Large Taro

botanical identify: Alocasia macrorrhiza variegata

Large taro shows giant leaves greater than a human head. It does effectively in medium to brilliant gentle and excessive humidity.

6. Ruffled Fan Palm

botanical identify: Licuala grandis

Licuala grandis is an uncommon palm selection that provides big pleated leaves that seem like hand followers. Rising it indoors is simple; preserve the plant in brilliant to medium oblique gentle.

7. Dumb Cane

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head 10


botanical identify: Dieffenbachia

This largest dieffenbachia cultivar can develop as much as 8-10 toes tall indoors; the big variegated foliage and low upkeep wants make it widespread amongst gardeners.

8. Rubber Plant


botanical identify: Ficus elastic

Whether or not it is variegated or stable inexperienced, rubber crops’ shiny foliage turns into giant over time.

9. Hosta

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head 11


botanical identify: Hosta spp.

The waxy, giant, dappled, variegated, inexperienced, or blue-green leaves of hostas look interesting outside, however you can even develop them indoors. This shade-loving houseplant wants the brightest spot within the house.

10. Large Fowl of Paradise


botanical identify: Strelitzia nicolai

This houseplant makes an announcement with its giant banana plant-like leaves. You possibly can develop this indoors, the place it receives a minimum of 4-5 hours of brilliant oblique gentle each day. Uncover extra banana-like foliage houseplants right here!

11. Monstera

Plants' Leaves that are Bigger Than Your Head 16


botanical identify: Monstera deliciosa

The Swiss cheese plant is the one to develop if you wish to showcase big leaves to your folks! Use a well-draining medium and supply oblique gentle for greatest progress.

12. Velvet Leaf Anthurium


botanical identify: Anthurium magnificum

The velvety leaves of this houseplant can develop fairly massive, reaching 1-2 toes in size. For greatest progress, ensure it will get loads of brilliant oblique gentle.

13. Cigar Plant


botanical identify: Calathea lutea

This calathea makes a daring assertion indoors with its banana-like leaves. Develop it in brilliant, oblique gentle, and the plant will shock you with its huge foliage!

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