The Terrifying and Ferocious Battle Between the Tiger and the Crocodile


The hunter becomes the hunted: Stunning footage shows a jaguar stalking and ambushing a crocodile from the water in Brazil

Barely visible, it glides silently through the murky water, before crawling to a sandbar and pounced on its surface.

This is the jaw-dropping moment a jaguar launches a ferocious attack on an unsuspecting alligator basking in the sun in western Brazil.

The 20-stone cat was filmed stalking the cold-blooded reptile as it lay on a sandbar next to the Cuiabá River in the Pantanal Wetlands.

hunt: This jaguar was filmed launching a ferocious attack on an alligator while it basked in the sun in western Brazil. Above, the animal crouches as it plans its attack.



Stealth: The 20-stone cat stalked the reptile as it lay on a sandbank next to the Cuiabá River in the Pantanal. Above, the jaguar glides silently through the river

Endangered: The cat, nicknamed ‘Mick Jaguar’ by biologists in the region, is captured approaching the small island, while the Yacare caiman relaxes peacefully in the sun.

It could be seen swimming leisurely across the river, before sneaking onto the small island and sinking its teeth and claws into the back of its head.

It then clung to the wounded Yacare caiman as it circled, before finally removing its leathery body with its strong jaws.



Looking up: The male jaguar can be seen anxiously eyeing the four-legged reptile as it crawls onto the sandbank in the Pantanal wetlands of western Brazil.

Attack: The stealthy predator then sank its teeth and claws into the back of his unsuspecting member, before clinging to it as it spun around.



Brutal: Photographer Justin Black, 39, who witnessed the attack, said: “He picked up the 150-pound alligator off the ground and trotted into the water like it was a dog bone.”

Mr. Black, from Washington, USA, was on a boat with fellow photographer Jeff Foott when they saw the jaguar stalking the alligator.

“He slowly entered the small channel and swam directly behind the alligator, keeping his profile as low as possible,” he said.

‘Once at the edge, he shot out of the water and landed on the alligator’s back, swinging the claws of his right paw at his side. He then hooked the alligator with his left paw as well and delivered a deadly bite to the back of the skull, but it wasn’t a good angle.

Biting: The photographer, from Washington, added: “The fact that it attacked from the water is amazing, it was reminiscent of crocodiles attacking land animals in Africa.”



Visible: The battle-scarred jaguar is estimated to be seven years old. He is nearly blind in his right eye, which is believed to be due to the battles defending his territory.

“In the process, his momentum carried them both into the water, where he readjusted his position and his teeth found a foothold on the back of the alligator’s neck.

He then pushed the alligator to the side of the water, pushing a bow wave ahead of them as he swam. When she reached the opposite beach, she quickly disappeared into the grass with her kill.

The battle-scarred jaguar is well known to biologists, who have nicknamed it ‘Mick Jaguar’. He is estimated to be seven years old and nearly blind in his right eye, a likely result of numerous battles defending his territory.

Wild: After the fight, the mighty jaguar could be seen clutching the Yacare caiman with its strong teeth, before carrying off the leathery creature.



Victorious: According to scientists, there are an estimated 4,000 to 7,000 jaguars in the Pantanal wetlands. Above, the victorious cat drags the alligator down the river

According to scientists, it is estimated that there are between 4,000 and 7,000 jaguars in the Pantanal.

They have become specialists in killing alligators and hunting in broad daylight, surprising cold-blooded reptiles as they bask in the sun.

They are also the largest and most powerful jaguars in South America, allowing them to take down larger packs.

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