Special Design Holiday House Project

One of the main focuses of this private holiday home project is to create an initiative that will welcome residents and guests alike. The entrance aims to impress the guests in the first step by blending with contemporary architectural elements. Doors and windows are adorned with large glass surfaces that allow plenty of natural light to enter the interior spaces. Exterior materials are chosen to be compatible with the architectural style of the region and enriched with natural textures.

The holiday home is designed to have an open and spacious arrangement in the interior. Living areas are positioned to be open-plan with high ceilings. This maximizes natural ventilation and the use of light. While interior furniture and decoration create a comfortable atmosphere, the feeling of warmth and intimacy is increased by using natural and organic materials.

The project gives importance to outdoor living with a special terrace or balcony arrangement. To enjoy the scenic views, outdoor living areas are equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, such as a fireplace or barbecue. Also, a detached pool or jacuzzi can be considered as a special feature that will allow guests to relax and specially enjoy themselves.

Eco-friendly design is an important component of the holiday home project. Energy consumption is optimized by using renewable energy sources. Rainwater harvesting systems save water to meet garden irrigation and other water needs. In addition, the use of environmentally compatible materials helps to maintain the ecological balance.

Security and privacy are paramount in the design process. The security systems arranged in harmony with the environment make the residents feel safe and allow them to enjoy the private holiday home.

Finally, respect for local culture and architecture is a core value of this exclusive holiday home project. Inspired by the traditional architecture and aesthetic elements of the region, the holiday home easily blends into its surroundings and also creates a tourist attraction.

This specially designed holiday home project is implemented by architects and interior design experts in collaboration. While the design process is shaped according to the demands and needs of the owner, experts contribute their knowledge and experience. At the beginning of the project, a comprehensive interview is held with the owner, and issues such as the features of the house, the layout, the materials to be used, and the budget are determined.

The design team selects the most suitable land parcel for the project and makes the best use of its natural features. If possible, it preserves the existing topography and shapes the design accordingly, without harming the environment and destroying the natural landscape. At the same time, proper positioning is made to ensure that the house has the best views of it.

With energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines help meet the energy needs of the house. In addition, energy savings are achieved by using windows with high insulation values ​​and environmentally friendly insulation materials.

The interior design takes into account the taste and style preferences of the owner. Natural color palettes, organic textures, and natural materials add warmth and comfort to interiors. Furnishings and decorations are sourced from local crafts or artists, contributing to the local economy and culture.

The exterior of the holiday home is designed to encourage guests’ interaction with nature and spending time outdoors. The landscaping includes local plant species and water-saving arrangements are included. At the same time, sitting areas and resting points are added around the house.