Modern Tiny Cabιn with Hot Tᴜb on 40 Acres

Modern Tiny Cabin Nestled on 40 Acres with Hot Tub

The number of people adopting the tiny house lifestyle is increasing day by day and the demand for these houses is increasing. We continue to discover new tiny houses to help you find the tiny house of your dreams. Today we will introduce you to ‘Modern Tiny Cabin Nestled on 40 Acres with Hot Tub’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

One of the biggest advantages of the tiny house is its low cost. You can have a tiny house that fits your budget by building these houses in different sizes and designs in line with your wishes and living standards. After you start to adopt this minimalist lifestyle, your expenses will decrease significantly.

Tiny houses that offer the opportunity to liberate your life are a source of motivation for many people. You can create a comfortable minimal lifestyle by getting away from the modern city life and the crowd. To own a tiny house, you should examine different tiny houses and choose the tiny house that suits your lifestyle.


Incredibly modern Scandinavian themed cabin is located in Frenchburg, Kentucky, United States. Located just minutes from Cave Run Lake, this tiny house is rented through Airbnb.

Located in the heart of eastern KY, the newly built tiny house location is close to hiking trails, horse camps, boat piers and the local golf course.

The fact that the exterior of the house is black makes the house harmonious with nature. The patio area of ​​the house is equipped with the necessary equipment for you to have a pleasant time outdoors. This area includes a seating area, barbecue and Hot Tub.

When we enter the interior of the 600 sqft house, we see that the minimal structure dominates. The harmony of wooden vaults and white walls adds a different atmosphere to the house.

The main living area of ​​the house is decorated in a modern way. There are comfortable armchairs and a TV in the living room for you to have a pleasant time with your loved ones. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment. At the same time, there is a large window in this area.

There is a queen bed in the master bedroom of the house, and a king bed in the upstairs loft. The bathroom of the house is decorated in harmony with the whole house and has a cute appearance.

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