“Magical Discovery in the Woods: A Fairytale-Like Cottage that Will Leave You Spellbound”

The Fairytale Boot

I’ve heard a variety of stories about this location.

Abandoned UK urban explorers discovered a tiny moss-covered “boot” house

that once housed a woman in

the 1950s, just like the classic nursery rhyme.

A boot-shaped house hidden deep within some woods in the United Kingdom

was discovered by urban explorers,

with parallels to the nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe.

The tiny, moss-covered property appears to have been abandoned for decades,

as leaves and vines have

begun to climb the walls, reintroducing nature into the home.

The stone shape of the boot appears to be perfect, but its wooden roof has clearly

seen better days.

Explorators could see through the window that some of the structure had collapsed,

making it an unsafe place

to play – or even live, as the Abandoned UK Facebook page claims a woman once

lived inside in the 1950s.

I’ve heard a variety of stories about this location.
Being part of a holiday camp and falling off the cliff edge, being built in the 1950s for

the children in the area, and also having an old resort on the premises, the boot wa

the only remaining feature.

We had to slide down steep cliffs, make our way through the woods, and climb through

the undercliffe to find this Fairytale Boot, but with the help of a local friend, we finally

found it!
Different from the usual abandoned locations, but fascinating; I’m not sure how long it’s

been derelict or if it’s ever been inhabited, but it’s lovely! It was definitely worth the time

and effort it took to find it.

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