Kevin Durant Acknowledges Paul George’s Praise, Emphasizes the Importance of 1-on-1 Games

United States v France Men
Kevin Durant responds to Paul George

Kevin Durant once again receives praise for his unwavering commitment to basketball, as his extraordinary abilities and diligent work ethic on the court continue to impress. In a recent podcast interview with Paul George, who was Durant’s teammate during the 2016 Rio Olympi

Durant’s excellence can be attributed to his love for one-on-one games, as stated by the man himself. DeMar DeRozan, reflecting on their time together on the USA Olympics team, shared valuable insights into Durant’s approach to practice.


According to DeRozan, Durant would dedicate extensive hours to the court, refusing to leave until he was satisfied with his performance. In response to this, Durant humbly took to Twitter to acknowledge the significance of those sessions.

These sessions were essential to the greatness.

His dedication to enhancing his abilities and striving for flawlessness distinguished him from others. . Durant’s intense training sessions, which included fiercely competitive players like¬†Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kyrie Irving, served as a catalyst for success.

Undoubtedly, Kevin Durant’s commitment to practice and his passion for one-on-one games have been instrumental in his remarkable achievements. His relentless work ethic serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, highlighting the importance of dedication and continuous growth in attaining success in any field.

Can Kevin Durant Lead His Superteam to NBA Glory

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant will now be under scrutiny to determine if he can guide the¬†Phoenix Suns¬†to victory in the NBA. With the previous collaboration with Devin Booker ending in playoff defeat, Durant’s partnership with¬†Bradley Beal¬†could enhance the team’s prospects.

Durant played a pivotal role in facilitating Beal’s trade to Phoenix, with the Suns aggressively pursuing the star player. The team’s CEO, James Jones, along with Frank Vogel, Mat Ishbia, Josh Bartelstein, and even Durant and Booker themselves, were actively involved in recruiting Beal.

Kevin Durant has been at his best when facing elimination. Durant is averaging 30.2 PPG in his career when facing elimination, 4th-highest in NBA history (min. 10 games).
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The Suns are wholeheartedly dedicated to their pursuit of a championship. The burning question remains: can Durant capture another NBA title, this time with a new team? Only time will reveal the answer.

Durant’s unparalleled skill and experience make him a formidable force on any roster, and with the talent surrounding him in Phoenix, the team’s championship aspirations are high. The upcoming season will provide the ultimate test for Durant and his superteam as they look to overcome formidable opponents and etch their names in NBA history.

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