Hᴜge Snaкe Swings Bɑck In Agony Afteɾ Being Stuck On Porcᴜpine’s Teaks WҺile Foolishly Making The Wrong Effoɾt To Eat It

YOU might think this snake got what was coming to it after it tried to eat a porcupine.

A bizarre video has captured the extraordinary spectacle of a boa constrictor squirming after taking on the spiky animal.

 The boa constrictor writhes in pain after its dinner fought back

The boa constrictor writhes in pain after its dinner fought back

The impaled snake appears to wriggle in agony as dozens of quills poke out of its body.

The footage, thought to have been shot in Brazil, shows the reptile snake slithering and thrashing for almost two minutes.

Things then get even worse as a dog bounds over and starts barking at it.

The beleaguered snake was forced to coil around to defend itself against the mutt.

The clip was posted on Liveleak with one sympathetic user commenting: “Help the poor thing out.”

Another added: “Bad day for the snake.

 Now it is clear why porcupines are so spikey

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