Positional debates are nothing new to basketball. Every generation has their own set of legendary starting lineups that they would take over anybody. But, one of the most volatile positions in the NBA is the point guard spot. This makes it hard to qualify who the ‘true’ players are in that position. The Los Angeles Lakers had two of them in LeBron James and Magic Johnson. Both can pass the ball and facilitate the offense but their stature becomes the clincher. Gilbert Arenas argues that LeBron should be put into consideration when talking about the greatest “one” in league history.

Kobe Bryant Nearly Joined The Memphis Grizzlies
Back in 2004, the Los Angeles Lakers were about to head into a transition period. Shaquille O’Neal was looking for an escape route, eventually finding one to Miami. And even Kobe Bryant wanted out of L.A at that time…to join the Memphis Grizzlies.

LeBron can play fairly any position in basketball if he wants to. But he is most known for his work as a small forward. Although, he did play a stretch of games with the Lakers as their point guard. This was to help facilitate a crumbling Los Angeles offense when they started out. Arenas posits that this performance, along with other times The King had donned the “one” position, merits to be compared with Magic Johnson. He disclosed his feelings on his show.

For our discussion on Wemby’s potential to surpass LeBron, listen below:

“[Lakers] moved Norm [Nixon], they gave the ball to Magic because it was better played by a guy at that size,” the three-time All-Star said about the coaching decision made in the ’80s. He would then insert LeBron and Magic into the conversation, “If you’re gonna try to use Magic as the ‘point guard’ then you have to throw LeBron as the best PG.”

Should LeBron James be able to compete as the greatest point guard and small forward in all of NBA history?