Box Tiny House, Little Great Ideas That Add Color To Life

Hello to everyone. Today I will introduce Box Tiny House, which will enchant you with its rustic design and warm you with the warmth of wood. Enjoy the privilege of waking up to the songs of birds and butterflies at sunrise with Box Tiny House.

This wonderful tiny house is located in Sapanca, Turkey’s wonderful town famous for its natural beauties. Sapanca is a magnificent holiday region with many romantic tiny houses. This rustic little house is a wonderful retreat where you can find peace with someone you love.

Tiny home living has become a growing trend in the world. In recent years, people have turned to peaceful and simple lives away from the noise of the city. Although these houses are small, they are designed to meet all needs.

Box Tiny House consists of a rustic mainland living space, a stylish bedroom, a minimalist kitchen and a bathroom. The products used in the interior decoration of the house have been carefully selected. The use of wooden products in all areas of the tiny house has added warmth and peace to the environment.

The main living area of ​​the tiny house is spacious, modern and stylishly decorated. There is a comfortable bed in the attic of the house where you can relieve the tiredness of the day. The bathroom, located on the side of the main living area, looks quite stylish.

The tiny holiday home has a wonderful large garden that belongs to the guests. There is a mini pool in the garden where you can have a good time with your family. Have your breakfast by the pool in the morning and say hello to the day.

Box Tiny House is located close to the center and you can reach Sapanca Lake in 10 minutes on foot. The small holiday home is 6 km from the ATV riding area and safari activities.

I loved this wonderful little house with its charming rustic design. It’s a quaint, minimalist retreat you’ll have a hard time leaving.