Best Hanging Houseplants That Can Purify the Air

Don’t have a large floor space? Don’t worry, hanging plants are a great option. Simply put a plant on the windowsill or in an empty corner, it will turn your space into a green oasis.

Especially, if you live in apartments or urban, growing a hanging plant helps to save space and is a new way to get a fresh look without decorating or changing the color of the walls. In addition, they also provide oxygen, purify the air and provide an unexpected touch of dimension.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home decor or add some flair, try growing one or a few of these hanging houseplants below.

Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket | Unique Plants for Delivery | The Sill

Boston Fern is a green plant that has beautiful serrated leaves that form a bush over time. This vibrant plant prefers to grow in bright indirect light and requires moist soil. It is a non-toxic plant, which means it is also safe for your pets.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory – Hometown Seeds

Morning Glory Plant comes from Central and South America. This plant comes in different colors including red, blue, purple, pink and white colors, which depends on cultivars. This hanging houseplant is easy to grow and requires only basic care.

Curly Spider Plant | Chlorophytum comosum -

The Spider Plant is native to southern Africa, is known as a great oxygenating plant, and is also the best air purifying plant. It produces spiky lime green and yellow variegated foliage. The plant prefers to grow in bright indirect light and well-drained soil but avoids direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves. Water when the top of the soil appears dry.

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This houseplant is found in eastern South America. It is a sun-loving shrub and quite tolerant of drought. It grows well, can even become overgrown in your neglect. In addition, it blooms year-round in areas with mild winters and warm climates, as well as in containers.

String-of-pearls: Care Tips -

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The string of pearls is also known as the button orchid. It looks great in hanging baskets. It roots very well, so it only needs regular soil with minimal watering in a drainage pot.

Gachwala Gachwala Air Plant Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides), Live Plant Seed Price in India - Buy Gachwala Gachwala Air Plant Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides), Live Plant Seed online at Flipkart.comImage source: plant care today

Spanish moss is a low-maintenance indoor plant with no need for direct sunlight. But for best beauty, it requires spraying regularly, about two to four times a week with a mister.

Philodendron Brasil care & how to keep its stunning variegation!

Native to South America and the Caribbean, the Philodendron Brasil plant is easy to care for. This natural indoor air purifier tolerates low-light locations such as windows and displays attractive heart-shaped leaves.

Buy Devils Ivy | Golden Pothos | Epipremnum Aureum | UK
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Also known as “Golden Pothos,” Devil’s Ivy is an easy-to-grow houseplant. It favors cultivation in low to moderate window light and moist soil. Although this amazing plant likes drier soil between waterings but is careful not to under water to avoid the leaves for signs of drought stress.

Burro's Tail Houseplant: Growing And Caring For A Burro's Tail Cactus

Image source: world of succulents

Burrito Burro’s tail belongs to the succulent family, so its thick fleshy leaves can retain water for a long time. Once they grow up, it presents a stunning appearance with heavy drooping leaves trailing down from the basket. The plant prefers to grow in partial sun or light shade and water only once a month after the surface of the soil becomes dry.