60 Times MotҺeɾ Natᴜre Proved To Be Scɑɾy As HeƖƖ (WARNING: TҺιs Lιst Might Be Too Scary For You)

Yacare caiman who is about feast on another one

No matter how much we learn about Mother Nature, the outside world will always remain a mystery to human beings. In some ways it’s a beautiful place where animals and plants live in harmony with one another, but it can also be full of mystery and danger.

These photos span the world from the jungles of South America to the tundra of Antarctica, and each and every one of them proves that our planet is both awe inspiring and full of gruesome realities. Are you ready to discover just how terrifying and beautiful Earth can be?

Please be advised that some of these photos will shock, but others will open your mind to unimagined possibilities.

Take a closer look at every photo…it might take a minute to understand what is going on and to convince your mind it’s actually real…viewer discretion is advised.

In 2005, a South African man, Marius Els, adopted a baby hippo after rescuing it from a river. Six years later the hippo dragged him into the same river and ate him ☠️

Leopard carries the carcass of a female vervet monkey with its baby still hanging on

Gators at night in Florida 🐊🐊🐊

A lion’s tongue is rougher than coarse sandpaper. Its lingual spines or papillae make the tongue so rough that if a lion licked the back of your hand only a few times, you would be left without any skin 🦁👅

A bald eagle pursuing a great blue heron

Massive Anaconda underwater. The heaviest snakes in the world, they partially use the water to support their weight 🐍

40 million year old whale found in Egypt 🦴

Last thing a fish sees in Antarctica

The bird known as an “Australian Firehawk” hunts for prey fleeing wildfires and has been known to pick up burning branches and carry them to dry brush to start more fires 🔥🔥🔥

A hippo, crocodile and a wildebeest locked in a brawl for supremacy

Heron likes a bit of crocodilian dinner

If a lake with alligators freezes during the winter, alligators will stick their heads or just their noses above the water line and wait for the lake to thaw

Tiger vs Sloth Bear

The Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider. If You See What Looks Like An Ancient Coin Buried In Sand, Leave It Alone

An American alligator does its part to help curb the invasive population of Burmese pythons in Florida 🐊

This is not photoshop…take a closer look, and you will see a Muddy tiger

The Hero Shrew had the strongest backbone of any mammal. The shrew weighs 0.25 pounds, yet its back can support up to 150 pounds, giving it the highest body to weight lifting ratio

An orange-colored alligator in South Carolina. It likely overwintered in a rusty culvert and was dyed by the iron oxide in the water around its body. It will lose coloration once it molts 🐊

Wolf showing off its teeth 🐺

This shark that had a lobotomy done by a stingray

A tiger with a snow-strewn face 🐯❄️

Anyone denying the existence of dinosaurs never saw an emu foot up close 🦖

A bearded vulture consuming a bone, it being the only animal known to get most nutrition from bone marrow

So a bull moose attacked my parents’ window after mistaking his reflection for a rival…

A tropical typhoon hit this lagoon

A snapping turtle grabs hold of a duck’s foot while it was swimming on the surface of a pond and then drags it down to the depths 🐢

A diver comes across an alligator in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida resting at a depth of 60 feet

Beached compass jellyfish with a fish prey trapped inside of it

An extremely toxic Dofleinia Armata, the injuries resulting from contact with this species are considered very painful and can take several months to heal, washed ashore near Broome, Western Australia

World’s worst crocodile 🐊

Donner Summit, California. Interstate 80 is closed 15 miles to either side of me after 6 inches of rain immediately followed by 25 inches of snow

The Ganges River Dolphin lives in extremely murky water. And thus has tiny, essentially useless eyes

Is it an alien? No… it’s a Dutch Lobster Moth Caterpillar

A monitor lizard in India bringing the dinosaur vibes

Caiman with an unusual tail

A Orange Cave Dwarf Crocodile in Gabon compared to an ordinary Dwarf Crocodile, some feel that they are evolving into a new species

Catfish eating armadillo

Centipede which was eaten by a snake buries its way out, total legend

Gliding tree frog ran itself through on a palm thorn

Horsefly landed on a fellow’s arm to have a bite, dragon fly landed and had it for lunch instead

Remember to lock up your eggs… 🥚🥚🥚

Watch out when re-nesting birds…

Inside every armadillo is a skeleton that looks like two armadillos… uh… making more armadillos

Kelp in the ocean waves

Male grasshopper mates with a female while she cannibalizes a third

Mama’s Watching – Polar bear with her cub

One tree keeping the rootless tree alive!

Prehistoric Parasite attempting to escape from its host as it is drowning in Amber

Seal snacking on a sunfish

Skink showing a human who’s boss

Small tick draining a big tick, yikes 🩸

Sperm whale carcass with squid battle scars, on an English beach

Steller Sea Lions can get absolutely massive. They can reach just over 10 feet in length and weigh well over 2000 lbs.

Prehistoric spider-like arachnid found preserved in amber

The famous hyena who’s legs were paralyzed 9 months ago from a lion attack, is still alive and thriving, even becoming a dominant member of it’s clan

The Greater Short-Horned Lizard is known for shooting blood out of its eye-sockets at high speed as a defense mechanism when threatened 🩸

Tigers general appear orange to humans because most people are trichomas, however, to deer and boar, among the tiger’s common prey, the orange color of a tiger appears green due to the fact that ungulates are dichromats

Wasp tried to eat a living Mussel, got Killed instead…

source: reddit

A Hawk finishing off a snake, while winking with its transparent membrane 🐍

source: reddit

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