10+ Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Water

1. Rubber Plant

This fast-growing Ficus elastica loves shiny filtered daylight and medium to low watering. Watering it as soon as each 15 days is the important thing to optimum development. Throughout fall and winter, you may scale back it all the way down to as soon as a month.

Tip: Wipe its shiny foliage with a comfortable, damp fabric to take care of the luster.

2. Snake Plant

Relying on the place of the place you will have positioned the Snake plant, you may water it wherever between 10 to twenty days. Water it as soon as a month throughout winters and moist climate.

3. Spider Plant

Within the preliminary rising stage, you may need to offer little consideration to the plant with common watering. As soon as it attains its development, water the plant reasonably when the highest layer of soil seems dry.

Throughout spring and summer season, water it as soon as in 7-10 days, and in moist and humid or chilly climate, you must water it as soon as in 20-30 days.

4. Ponytail Palm

Being a succulent, the Ponytail plant can go actually lengthy with out water due to its fats trunk that shops water. For the very best development, water it as soon as in 20-30 days.

5. ZZ Plant

Additionally well-known for its strong nature, it’s a forgiving plant in relation to watering. Additionally, an excessive amount of watering could cause rhizome rot.

A longtime ZZ plant can simply be left with out water for a month in a spot with oblique mild after an intensive watering.

6. Succulents and Cactii


As succulents and cacti are robust desert vegetation, they do properly in dry soil. They’re among the best indoor vegetation that want water as soon as a month.

7. Forged Iron Plant


The forged iron plant wants occasional watering as it could survive in dry soil for a very long time. For finest outcomes, let the rising medium turn out to be dry a bit between watering spells.

Saturate the plant solely when the highest layer reveals a scarcity of moisture.

8. Umbrella Plant


Umbrella plant or Schefflera do notably properly in underwatered soil as in comparison with the saturated one. For many houses, watering the vegetation as soon as each 10-15 days will hold them inexperienced and comfortable!

9. Zebra Cactus


Because the zebra cactus is a succulent plant, it could retailer water and go on for a lot of days in dry soil. It’s finest to water it solely when the rising medium seems dry.

It’s one of many finest tabletop vegetation as properly!

10. String of Pearls


This cascading succulent is delicate to overwatering. The important thing right here is to place your finger within the soil to verify the dryness stage earlier than you water this plant once more. Water it as soon as each 10-15 days.

Come winters, and this plant will probably be proud of as soon as a month watering!

11. Sago Palm

Sago palm loves dry soil. As soon as the plant establishes a deep root system, watering it as soon as in 2-3 weeks needs to be tremendous.

12. Satan’s Spine

Satan’s Spine is native to the arid areas, and this provides it the facility to outlive properly with out water. For optimum development of this indoor plant, 15-25 days of interval between watering is finest.

13. Aloe


Aloes are identified for his or her water-carrying talents of their fats leaves. This offers them the flexibility to stay for 3-4 weeks with out water simply.

Tip: When you’re rising an aloe plant in full solar, you’ll have to water extra steadily.

14. Lithops


The important thing to watering Lithops is to do it when these succulents begin to sink a bit into the pots. Water them as soon as each 30 days, and you may be protecting them wholesome and thriving!

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